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I’m not sure how she is alive right now.
May 22, 2019
She’s out for blood!
May 22, 2019

The things the boyfriend did to this former A/A- list mostly television actress …

The things the boyfriend did to this former A/A- list mostly television actress is nothing compared to what she has endured her entire life from men, including those closest to her.


The things the boyfriend did to this former A/A- list mostly television actress is nothing compared to what she has endured her entire life from men, including those closest to her.

Hayden Panettiere

Brian Hickerson

Hayden Panettiere’s Boyfriend Brian Hickerson Arrested on Domestic Violence ChargeHayden Panettiere‘s boyfriend Brian Hickerson had another run-in with the law.

On Friday, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to PEOPLE that Hickerson was arrested on a domestic violence charge on Thursday.

According to TMZ, Hickerson got into an alleged physical altercation with the Nashville actress. He was released later Thursday after posting a $50k bond, the outlet reports.

PEOPLE is out to Hickerson for comment. A rep for Panettiere did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.- Source

Is a Secret Celebrity Tattletale Actually Robert Downey Jr.?

A certain anonymous commenter has become internet-infamous in the last few weeks by dropping some incredibly detailed, disturbing and very insidery gossip about Hollywood — regarding incest, pedophilia, and secret call girl rings that allegedly involve young starlets like Hayden Panettiere and Amanda Bynes — in the comments section of a popular blind item blog. Crazier than what he’s saying is who many believe is doing the blabbing: Robert Downey Jr.

The blog Crazy Days and Nights, supposedly written by an entertainment lawyer (who goes by the handle “Enty”), has been around for a few years and is known mostly for its blind items and the biannual “reveals” of said blind items that the author rolls out every January 1 and July 4. But two weeks ago, things over there got really juicy.

It all started with a particularly sad blind item:

This former B list television actress who was on a really big hit network show just a couple of years ago now just seems to float mindlessly and flit between boyfriends. She comes from a broken home and abusive home. Her dad used to beat her and get into bed with her. Her mom just let it happen because she was being beaten herself and did not want to provoke. Well, now the actress who is still very young only seems to date boyfriends who are abusive and willing to hit her. Her last boyfriend (former A list athlete with B list name recognition) was so scared that he would kill her he broke up with her. Her new celebrity boyfriend does not punch nearly as hard but seems to love it. Probably getting out his anger because he is closeted.

Many immediately guessed the actress to be Hayden Panettiere. (Her mother had actually pressed charges against her father for battery before filing for divorce last year. Also, Hayden’s ex-boyfriend is a boxer, hence, the “punch” wordplay.) The mention of abuse and molestation made this blind item pretty dark, but things got even darker in the comments section when prolific CDAN commenter Himmmm chimed in with some very serious accusations:

So here goes: Yes, this IS Hayden.
100% totally. I know this for a FACT. The wording of this item is NOT 100% correct – which may be intentional to deny it legally, but it is close. But there’s far more to this than is being mentioned, revealed, or even hinted at. For all you GoogleSleuths out there just look up the past news stories about her Dad getting arrested on “domestic” issues – then her mom dropping it. It’s not just about a fight, smack, or basic domestic issues. It’s about sexual perversions, videotapes, witnesses, and the loss of MONEY and FAME.

I am a FORMER personal “friend” of a woman named Diana Jenkins. Doubt you know her, but she’s the Rosetta Stone of every scandal and perversion from Hwood all over the globe. She’s an Uber-wealthy divorcee whose hubby ran UK’s Barclay’s bank – and she ran the Arab investors for the bank! She’s been running a high class call girl/party-girl ring for Arabs, Wall Street, DC, Royals, and Hollywood elites. She’s also a MAJOR philanthropist, arts supporter, political donor, and social hostess to EVERYONE. Her best Hwood pals include Sean Penn, Clive Davis, Ari Emanuel, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, and her “little pet” named Hayden. Diana is the connector of wealthy Arabs and Asians and Athletes with Hwood actresses/models. She also is a sick and twisted bitch. When Hayden and her own Mommy went on the outs, Diana Jenkins took that place in her life, by Hayden’s choice.

Leslie P. is not just a poor victim in this trainwreck. Trust me. She’s at LEAST 50% responsible (if not more) for encouraging, enabling, and at times even participating in her hubby’s twisted fucking life. Leslie’s kinks cross the line into depravity, illegality, and inhuman sickness. As in: Ryan ONeal, John Phillips, Tish Cyrus, and Dan Schnieder territory. (Far worse than Pimpa Joe Simpson!)

She’s not just had chances to stop it or walk away with the kids, but she elected to not protect her kids – and give in to the hedonistic sickness in her bedroom (all for her own greed). You think Dina Lohan is bad?

Leslie’s guilt is compounded by trying to save her daughter’s “IMAGE” (so as not affect her earning potential); and hoovering her own mountain of drugs, booze, fame, and fucking (of everything with legs)…Leslie IS as bad as her hubby – maybe worse because she KNEW it was wrong but didn’t stop it and at times fueling it.

It’s easy to argue that Hayden is forever a victim which drives her own insane life choices – and I’m not a psychologist – but she has taken it further into becoming a willing perpetuator of it (and saying she loves it). Not just the physical and mental violence she enjoys, but her insatiable appetite for the most bizarre shit she can indulge in to “top” herself. She was offered help by some who genuinely cared for her and worried for her. She mocked them and tore off on her own streak. Now? She craves it and considers nothing taboo. NOTHING! Just ask Mario Lopez (right Enty?).- Read more here

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