In the last couple of years I wrote about this show that was an ensemble family show that aired back in the day.

It was a comedy and there were washed up former B listers who were hoping for a second chance with the show.

Anyway, there was a heartthrob on that show.

He is where the story begins.

At a press event for his show he ran into a teen actress from another show which almost seemed exactly like his show.

Same network.

The teen actress was in her mid-teens.

Our actor was older.

Almost twice her age actually.

And married. The thing is, they hit it off.

Really hit it off.

The next thing you know, he was cheating on his wife with this mid-teen actress.

At some point he decided to start sharing drugs with her and she got hooked on drugs.

Our actor was always getting quizzed by his wife about money he was spending and wanted to hide his drug purchases.

He needed cash.

How to get it?

He convinced the actress to start turning tricks.

Yep, there she was in her mid-teens being paired off with executives from the studio and friends of the actor to earn drug money for the both of them.

Our actress got hooked more and more on drugs and the actor decided she was becoming a liability so he dumped her.

Our actress crashed and burned and basically never worked again after her relationship with the actor.

Sasha Mitchell (Step by Step)
Jodie Sweetin (Full House)


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