It was the reality family that told their online tabloid mouthpiece all about the lawsuit facing the former A+ list athlete.

The tabloid had no idea until the “tip.”


Harvey Levin

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Sued You Owe U$ for that Chevy Suburban!!!

Lamar Odom is on the hook for a huge chunk ‘o change after allegedly missing the payments on an SUV … at least according to the lender, who’s now suing over it.

U.S. Bank Leasing just sued Khloe Kardashian’s ex claiming he owes back payments on a 2017 Chevrolet Suburban. In docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the lender claims he hasn’t made his monthly $668.40 payment since February 15, 2020.

U.S. Bank claims it sent Lamar a letter demanding payment or surrender of the SUV but he’s failed to do so.

So now … U.S. Bank claims Lamar owes a cool $35,116.76. They want the car back or, if they can’t get it, then the money. We’ve reached out to Lamar for comment, no word back.

1:46 PM PT — A rep for Lamar tells us, “This was not his car, it was purchased for his ex. The courts are doing what they have to do.”


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