Just as I have been telling you for months, this former A+ list tweener who is foreign born, doesn’t ever want to tour again, and his manager wanted that money, so made more than he would have if the singer toured every other year for the next fifteen years.

All in, about 25-35% of the sale went to the manager and others and they took their cut before the tax man.

The singer thinks he is set for life, but with his spending he will end up back out on the road in a few years.

Justin Bieber

Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber Closes Sale to Hipgnosis for $200M — Company’s Biggest Deal to Date

H Hipgnosis Songs Capital has closed its deal to buy 100% of Justin Bieber‘s publishing, as well as his artist royalties from his master recordings and neighboring rights, Hipgnosis has confirmed. The deal was priced at just north of $200 million, according to a source familiar with the situation, making this the largest rights sale for any artist of Bieber’s generation. It’s also Hipgnosis’ biggest acquisition to date, covering all 290 titles in Bieber’s catalog released prior to Dec. 31, 2021, including his most recent album, Justice (2021).

Billboard originally reported in December that a Bieber deal valued at over $200 million was in the works amid founder/chief executive Merck Mercuriadis‘ efforts to “close about $500 million in deals” between mid-November and mid-December. Although Mercuriadis did not say what the deals were at the time, the Bieber acquisition appears to be part of that disclosure. – Source

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