A certain glorified studio singer is rumored to be bisexual.

According to a well-connected source who is familiar with the singer’s sexual proclivities, the 32-year-old singer began experimenting with women in her mid-20s.

The singer’s faithful Atlanta-based road manager is a known lesbian.

And certain members of her all-female backing band are lesbians as well as half of her dancers.

The source says the singer surrounds herself with stud lesbians on the road during her current tour because she loves the attention they lavish on her.

The bisexual rumors have been floated for years, but the recent addition of a certain lesbian to the singer’s entourage has fanned the flames.

The lesbian has no known source of income.

They are rarely photographed together, but the lesbian can be seen lurking in the background of photos, sometimes wearing items from the singer’s personal wardrobe.

The woman has also vacationed with the singer and her family.

The singer reportedly introduces the woman to friends as family. In the gay community, “family” is a code word to denote that the person is one of us.

Members of the singer’s vast entourage are careful to respect the singer’s private life. When pressed for confirmation, they say they never discuss the singer’s personal life.

Nicki Minaj, Deb Antney

Source: http://sandrarose.com/

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