So this B-list reality star was on their last legs with their new team, after a very public gaffe.

They promised to clean up their act and toe the line, but not 24 hours had another very public face palm moment.

The reality star failed to give the team a heads up that the embarrassing moment happened, so they weren’t able to prevent the story from running. Especially damaging because this is the second time it has happened, and the second PR nightmare to happen in a week.

The reality star is going to get dropped. There is no return on investment at this point.

Their show is about to give them a very bad edit in order to smooth things over with the most offended costars, another project’s looking pretty dismal, and the newest project had initial success, but quickly dropped off in popularity.

Don’t be surprised if you hear ‘rehab’ in this celebrity’s future, too. It might be the bottom line…like I’ve said before..

D-list goat rodeo is just around the corner for this one if they don’t right the ship…and fast.

Brandi Glanville “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”


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