This greatly loved and highly respected A-lister now regrets giving this rapidly falling B-lister a leg up in the industry. She fell for their victim role, and thought maybe the project they were offering would help stop the tailspin and get them back on the right track. Well, she was wrong. Although she’s one of the kindest, gentlest souls around, she is a fierce business woman, and didn’t get to where she is today with kittens and rainbows. She knows her market and audience and what they want to see, and while she thought the B-lister was going to be a great compliment to that, they actually wound up being quite the antithesis of the A-lister’s brand. The B-lister is an ill behaved diva that berates and antagonizes her staff, and is completely inflexible when the A-lister tries to give advice. The B-lister tries to cry and play victim that the A-lister isn’t helping enough, but she isn’t about to ruin her brand by giving the B-lister another chance. At this point she just wants the B-lister’s project to fail quietly, take the loss and keep her brand intact. But the B-lister has told people close to the project that they will not go down without a fight. They will sling as much mud as possible the A-lister’s way if they allow the project to fail. The A-lister wasn’t about to be baited and has already had her people dropping some juicy tidbits in the press to distance herself from the B-lister, and let people know the truth of the situation. The project is going to fail by Christmas, no doubt…it’s how messy it’s all going to get that’s the question.

Bethenny Frankel, Ellen DeGeneres


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