If you have been reading the blog for any length of time, then you know this foreign born three named actress has been passed around since her early teens by her parents and sexualized from an early age too.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to hear one of the people she was passed around to, discuss how she was in bed, even though he committed months and months of statutory rape.

The producers in their 30’s and 40’s know how to stay quiet.

Millie Bobby Brown

Hunter Ecimovic (Echo)

Millie Bobby Brown’s team is pushing back after TikToker Hunter Echo suggested that he ‘groomed’ her in a rumored relationship

How the Millie Bobby Brown and Hunter ‘Echo’ Ecimovic controversy got started

Ecimovic’s broadcast came after pictures leaked across social media showing Brown and Ecimovic embracing and kissing, which led to rumors that the two had dated. Ecimovic, who has over 1.6 million TikTok followers under the handle @hunter_echoo and is known for making comedy skits, appeared to address the rumors Monday in the now viral Instagram livestream.

While the livestream is no longer available to watch, many viewers screen-recorded the event and shared parts of it on social-media platforms.

In the livestream, Ecimovic, 21, said he “groomed her,” appearing to allude to rumors that he had a relationship with Brown, who was 16 years old at the time in question, without mentioning the British actress’ name. “Grooming” is a term often used to describe situations in which adults build a trusting relationship with a child so they can manipulate and sexually abuse them.

In California, where Newsweek reported Ecimovic resides, the age of consent is 18.

During the stream, Ecimovic also made a series of comments alluding to sexual acts he said he performed with the girl. He added that he lived in her house for eight months and that “her mum and dad knew about everything.” He also said that everything he “did was completely legal” and that he “will never apologize.”

He appeared to become more hostile toward his viewers over the course of the livestream as he began to notice antagonistic remarks from people in the comment section.

After the livestream, many condemned Ecimovic for his comments on social media.

Since the livestream, Ecimovic has disabled his Instagram account. – Source

Millie Bobby Brown’s Ex I Shouldn’t Have Talked About Our Relationship

Millie Bobby Brown’s ex is apologizing for talking about their relationship in a live stream … he says he was drunk and, rather than ramble on, should’ve shut his mouth.

TikTok star Hunter Echo just explained his side of the controversial live stream … saying he was drinking and responded to negative comments the wrong way by continuing to talk about his past with Millie.

Hunter says he shouldn’t have said anything at all and he’s sorry … but it’s important to note he never apologizes to Millie or claims that what he says was untruthful. In fact, he doesn’t even mention Millie by name once in the apology.

Remember … Hunter recently alluded to having a sexual relationship with Millie when she was 16 years old and he was 20, going on Instagram Live and seemingly aiming crude comments about kinky sex acts at Millie. – Source

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