This B-list celebrity has joined the cast of this ailing show in hopes to restore it to at least half the glory it once had. He’s got a lot of really great ideas for the show, and the producers love what he has in mind to inject a little life into things. In one creative meeting, he suggested a performance with a twist, much like their competitors do. The other B-list costar is all for it, and can’t wait to collaborate. The other A-list costar freaked out and walked out of the meeting. It might seem a bit puzzling, because they’ve performed on the show half a dozen times before. The problem is, they don’t perform live. Never have, never will. The other costars are the opposite and have never done anything ‘in the can’ so therein lies the problem. Both costars have offered to help the A-lister get ready for the performance, coaching them all the way. They’re incredibly gracious and understanding of their plight and only want to help. But the A-lister is not having it. They will not participate in a live performance unless it’s done their way. Producers want this to happen, so they’ve decided to bring in an A-list former costar to do it if they won’t. They have no problem going live. The A-lister has threatened to walk off the show if this ever happens.

Show: “American Idol”
B-list celebrity #1: Harry Connick Jr.
B-list celebrity #2: Keith Urban
A-list costar: Jennifer Lopez


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