Speaking of talk show hatred, this one named host never stops talking smack about the former reality star turned singer who has had huge success.

The one named host thinks of her as a threat and wants her staff to start treating her as such.


Kelly Clarkson

How Kelly Clarkson’s Talk Show Became the Purest Joy on TV—And the First Daytime Hit in Almost a Decade

It is a Tuesday in January on a soundstage in Universal City. Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” is blaring over a state-of-the-art soundsystem. Everywhere you look, people are smiling—genuinely, deeply, really smiling. Dancing, too. Moments later, a brigade of puppies trot, scoot, and boop their way in. Standing in their midst is Kelly Clarkson, casually crooning along to a few bars of “Doo Wop” as she bends down to scoop a Very Good Boy named Dante.

As Dante licks the chin of the country’s first democratically elected pop superstar and you wonder if you may have died without realizing it, because surely this is what heaven must be like, there’s a little squeal. “Oh!” Clarkson says. “There’s already poop.”

It’s the first day back shooting The Kelly Clarkson Show after the holiday hiatus, and everything about the day’s taping—dog poop included—seems to exemplify the reasons why the talk show has been one of the most successful daytime TV breakthroughs in nearly a decade. There’s cuteness, celebrities, irreverence, people crying, people laughing, unfiltered commentary, and, of course, music, all orbiting in controlled chaos around its steady hand and fearless leader: Kelly Clarkson, very visibly having the time of her life.

Since its launch in September, The Kelly Clarkson Show has been averaging 1.9 million daily viewers, the strongest start for a new daytime talk show in seven years. Among all syndicated talk shows, the series only ranks behind veteran juggernauts Dr. Phil, Live With Kelly and Ryan, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which means it’s bringing in more viewers than the likes of Rachael Ray, Dr. Oz, and Maury. – Source

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