I will try and make this as PG as possible but this Academy Award winning actor was being his usual racist self this past week when he said he didn’t want some N word to be associated with our actor.

Nothing the actor can really do about it but it just brings up a whole bunch of issues and the way he treated any black people he worked with.

He tried his best to keep all black people out of his movies and because he was such a big star he mostly got his way.

If a black person did get to work on a movie with our actor they usually left pretty quickly because our actor is not and was not shy about using racist terms and making sure to make the worker or actor’s life as miserable as possible until they left. Surprisingly his prohibition didn’t extend to black women because he said in the dark he couldn’t tell a white woman apart from a black woman.

If you were expecting that he has or had any respect for women you would be wrong considering how frequently he would rape women if they didn’t have sex with him voluntarily when he would take them on dates.

Our actor wouldn’t speak to his son for years when the son started working with a black person and with very rare exception he hasn’t since that time.

The no respect for women thing got passed down too.

Jeremy Irons

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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