You would think this man would have enough money by now, but you would be wrong.

In his mind, there is more money to be made.

He is competing with someone right now.

The person he is competing with heads a group of people who have gone money hunting before.

They went searching for the missing money of the deceased African dictator and found some of it.

They were beaten to most of it by a group I have written about extensively in this space. The wealthy man is financing a group of twenty people who are working full time tracing the final two years of the life of a now dead man who used to be worth billions.

He died with many many billions of crypto in a wallet and the race is on to find that wallet and the key to it.

Our wealthy competitor is in cahoots with the daughter of the dead man, while our other racer is in cahoots with the widow.

There are a lot of places to track down in the last two years of the dead man’s life and reportedly he had accumulated hundreds of laptops and several hundred phones too.

Plus, because of his paranoia, he also wrote many things down and there are thousands of journals to review and others to track in various storage places he rented over the final years of his life.

Gaddafi’s billions tracked to South Africa
“The hunt for the money tells the incredible tale of various Libyan and South African factions trying to get their hands on the cash.”

John McAfee – June 23, 2021
The British-American tycoon died by apparent suicide in a Spanish prison on June 23 while awaiting extradition to the US

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