If a car company doesn’t have a media relations department for news organizations to reach out to for comment, then all the stories are one sided and beating up on the car company.

That is the logic of the celebrity CEO anyway.


Elon Musk

Regulators investigating reports Tesla steering wheels falling off in some models

Federal regulators are investigating Tesla’s Model Y vehicles following two complaints that the SUV’s steering wheels could come off while people were driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed in documents that it is “aware of two reports of complete detachment of the steering wheel from the steering column while driving,” in 2023 model years of the vehicles.

Officials said both vehicles were delivered to the owners missing a bolt that attaches the steering wheel. Both of the incidents occurred “at low vehicle mileage,” according to the NHTSA.

The investigation could include about 120,000 vehicles, according to the administration. Officials have not ordered a recall as of Wednesday afternoon. – Source

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