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At a private Globes after party last night, this legendary permanent A-list actress and comedienne was asked who the worst behaved guest on her long running, forever in reruns show was.

She answered without hesitation that the worst was the male half of that singing sibling duo, who was a complete control freak over his sister’s appearance. She’s also convinced he was on coke.

What’s worse was that the duo’s mother was hovering around the set like a vulture.

The legendary funny lady said things came to a head during a lunch break in the TV studio commissary.

The mother gave the chef strict orders to give her daughter a bowl of soup and a glass of water.

The funny lady, concerned, offered the singer a tray of food.

Enraged, the brother swooped down and took the tray from his sibling.

Then, the mother came up to the legend and yelled at her to never do that again.. and slapped her daughter on the face in front of the stunned cast and crew.

Her brother was also yelling at her like she was a little girl.

The legend and her producer husband had the mother kicked out of the studio.

Very disturbing.

Carol Burnett

Richard CarpenterĀ 

His sister: Karen Carpenter

Group: The Carpenters

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