This high end security guard was recently found murdered.

It is the same security guard that had at one point been having a years long affair with a very very high profile married public figure.

Apparently, he was going to spill some very intimate details about the s.e.x. life of not only the woman he was sleeping with, but information she shared about her husband.

High end security guard: Brigadier Nopryansyah Yosua Hutabarat
The killing of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat, a 27-year-old Indonesian National Police officer, occurred on 8 July 2022. The ensuing investigation included allegations of an affair, missing CCTV footage, and an attempted cover-up. In August 2022, Hutabarat’s former boss, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, head of internal affairs of the Indonesian National Police, along with three others and his wife, Putri Candrawathi, were charged with Hutabarat’s murder. The incident has been described by Indonesia Police Watch chairman, Sugeng Teguh Santoso, as “the worst scandal in the police’s history”.

high profile married public figure: Putri Candrawati

Her husband: Ferdy Sambo


Lawyer Reveals Ferdy Sambo’s New Motive for Killing Brigadier J

TEMPO.CO, Depok – The lawyer for police Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat a.k.a. Brigadier J, Kamaruddin Simanjuntak, has again spoken up about the motive for the murder of his client committed by Ferdy Sambo and his friends.

Kamaruddin stated that the former police’s internal affairs chief killed his personal aide not because his wife Putri Candrawati was sexually abused, but because Brigadier J was the key witness to his rotten behavior.

“Brigadier J was indicated as a double intelligence agent, then he was deemed to be the one who exposed [Sambo’s] poor behavior to his wife, so to eliminate the trace, the witness or informant must be killed,” said Kamaruddin at Pancasila University, Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

Based on the data he owned, Kamaruddin said Brigadier J had information about many of Sambo’s immoral acts, from the online gambling ring the 303 Consortium to narcotics trafficking.

“[Brigadier J] has information about 303, drug trafficking, methamphetamine, liquor, and the circulation of contraband R car,” he outlined.

The lawyer refused to expose the detail but he was certain that everything will be disclosed. “303 has been proven now. [Its financial transactions reach] Rp155 trillion, proven by PPATK (Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center), not me. What I said is proven [to be true],” said Kamaruddin. – Source

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