The first lawsuit including the relative of this child murderer as a defendant is about to be filed.

She doesn’t have the money, but she needs to be included.

Uvalde Massacre

Salvador Ramos

Mother: Adriana Martinez

Grandmother: Celia Gonzales

Parents of 4 Uvalde Children with ‘Severe Physical Injuries’ File $100M Lawsuit Against Gunman’s Estate; Others May Be Sued ‘If Necessary’

The families of four children severely wounded in a Uvalde, Texas elementary school mass shooting in May have filed a civil lawsuit against the gunman’s estate.

“This initial lawsuit will allow us to discover evidence and possibly add other parties to the lawsuit, if necessary,” Texas-based attorney Thomas J. Henry said in a press release. “The discovery process will focus on the school system, law enforcement, social media, and gun and ammunition manufacturers.”

Each of the four victims is seeking at least $1 million in direct damages for bodily injury and mental anguish; they are collectively seeking $100 million in exemplary (also known as punitive) damages.

Gunman Salvador Ramos is being sued through his estate. The plaintiffs said they would ask a judge to appoint the gunman’s mother, Adriana Martinez, as a personal representative of her son’s estate as a threshold matter. Or, the plaintiffs said they would move their case against anyone else as necessary. – Source

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