Because of his connections and willingness to do anything for money this former A list actor has probably got away with more crime than any other actor from Hollywood ever. Three or four years ago there was a reporter who was going to write a lengthy article/expose about the actor and some of his illegal exploits and ended up almost getting killed a week into his investigation. Three days later he was threatened again and finally gave up the project. It isn’t like this actor is all that great but he has a reputation overseas for being great. Sex and drug trafficking are just the tip of the iceberg for this actor. The latest thing that is truly scary is that he has been flown in for some “raids” on camps and has killed people. They are not battles but more like slaughters and he jumped at the chance to participate. I have to say that this fits in with the actor and his past. It also is something I know he has said he wanted to do at some point in his life. Three separate readers from Jordan have all heard the same basic story and have seen him in Amman several times over the past three months when these killings were supposed to have happened. Two of these sources have never been wrong about anything before and the third has also never been wrong but has a very limited track record. The guy is scary and it wouldn’t shock me if he ends up dying in a very violent manner.

Steven Seagal


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