I love this guy.

I just do.

Whenever you meet him, he is always ready to talk or take a photo.

There is never an attitude with him at all.

People always ask me who the nicest actors are in town, and my list generally starts with this actor.

He was A list at one point.


Emmy winner.

Heck, he won an Emmy when he was not even really trying.

When he was trying, he managed to get nominated multiple times, but never won. He does movies.

He does almost television.

He is also very generous.

He basically funds the drama department at his former high school and University.

He has funded multiple scholarships and managed to convince others to donate not only to his former schools, but also convinced others to donate to their own alma maters.

He has never asked for adulation.

He never disrespects other people.

The guy is all class and on world kindness day, he should be the actor we are discussing.

Martin Sheen

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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