Kill The Killers

Someone had to do it.

The first time was a couple decades ago.

The female teens being brought over from the Middle East under the guise of a school being run by the husband of someone in this country extremely wealthy.

He had ties back to his home country.

There was always violence in the country. It just seemed to only happen to parents and siblings of people who had a very attractive female in the family.

There was an agreement in place with the sons of the rulers of this country.

They got first shot and then the teen was shipped to a cult here in the US.

Often, those teens once they had been here for some time needed to be disposed of for one reason or another.

So, that task was at one point in the purview of one of the closest women to the throne so to speak.

She would given them something in their tea at night and the teen would never wake up.

Well, after doing this a half dozen times, the woman wanted to leave the cult.

That was not going to happen and she was killed.

Oh, they made it sound like a suicide and no one really paid too much attention to the story and they got away with it.

Well, she needed to be replaced with someone else who could do the dirty work and they found such a person.

The thing is though, after about a dozen years doing it, she too was wanting to exit the cult.


She was killed a couple years ago and the body cremated before her death was even reported to the authorities.

As more details start to emerge with people in the cult looking to cut deals, I think we are going to hear about things that are far worse and way more graphic than we are possibly expecting.

 Sara Bronfman
Sara Bronfman is a humanitarian and human rights activist. She is the daughter of the billionaire philanthropist and former Seagram chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr.

Husband:  Basit Igtet
Basit Igtet is a Zurich-based entrepreneur and Libyan national who has founded several companies in various sectors.

Home country: Benghazi, Libya

Guise of a school: involved in supporting a school in Cambodia to assist in the non-proliferation of child prostitution

Sons of the rulers of this country: Muammar Gaddafi

Cult in US: Keith Raniere (nxivm)

Igtet’s track-record of philanthropy is virtually non-existent. He alleges that he is involved in supporting a school in Cambodia to assist in the non-proliferation of child prostitution, but has never provided any proof of any such school existing.

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