Lots of skeletons in these two A-list celebrity’s closets. They used to be very close friends, actually it was a three some of A-list BFFs they belonged to, and no one has ever been able to figure out why they had such a horrific falling out. And after they did, the third wheel in the threesome, this A-list celebrity remained loyal to the older A-lister. Turns out, the younger A-lister isn’t the pretty, perfect, princess she wants the world to believe. She’s actually a bit of a slut, quite frankly. A boring slut, but a slut nonetheless. She doesn’t care if she’s married or they’re married, if she wants it, she goes after it. Well, she went after the elder A-lister’s then husband, and had their mutual friend (a nobody) orchestrate everything, and give the younger A-lister all of the inside info of his schedule, etc. so she could hook up with him. There had been a flirtation between them for a while, and it was about to go to the next level. The elder A-lister got wind of this and rightfully went apeshit. It’s not clear whether there was actually an affair carried out, but it was enough for the elder A-lister to throw her husband out, and disown the BFF and the person they shared in common. The third A-lister in the group was horrified by what the younger friend did and stayed loyal to the elder A-lister. Everybody agreed to keep it quiet because there are a lot of children and marriages involved. The elder A-lister and her husband eventually divorced, but the younger is still married, and has no idea this even happened. But it’s about to come out. Soon.

Younger A list celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow
Older A list celebrity: Madonna/Guy Ritchie
Mutual friend: Tracy Anderson
Third Wheel: Trudie Styler

Source: http://www.justsayjenn.net

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