When you don’t sleep with who you are told to sleep with, then the next thing you know, your record sales suck.

Will the teenager keep doing her own thing and vanish, or will she do what she was told and watch her career skyrocket again.

The Disney singer who is so popular right now faces her time of reckoning soon and will have the same decision to make.

Billie Eilish

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo Scores Second Week at Number One on Artists 500 Chart


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UPDATED Billie Eilish’s Latest Single, “Lost Cause,” is an Actual Lost Cause, Image Change from Slacker to Femme Fatale May Be Cause

UPDATE WEDS JUNE 9TH The single has dropped to number 59. It’s dead. Lots of money is being poured into it with advertising, billboards, etc. But you can’t make people like a song. The fans are not taking to these two songs. Crossing fingers for better singles when the album arrives.

EARLIER Billie Eilish, the teen phenom with 7 Grammy Awards from 2020, and more still this past year, is having a tough time on the charts right now.

On Thursday she dropped her latest single, called “Lost Cause,” following a disappointment with “Your Power.”

Now “Lost Cause” seems like an actual lost cause. The single has sold just 2,600 downloads, pushing it down to number 25 35 on iTunes. With streaming, the number is higher– 53,800– but on Spotify’s Global Viral chart, “Lost Cause” is at number 13. It simply didn’t take off.- Source

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