This woman is a very famous but not necessarily well-loved celebrity.

However, we have an interesting story about her that may change the way you think about her.

She was doing a smaller film a few years ago. It was one of those indie pics with a tight budget.

Well, at one point, they went over budget and the director shut down production early for the day.

Our actress was confused by this and asked the director why they couldn’t keep rolling.

She thought that things were going well, she was enjoying herself, and she didn’t want to stop filming.

The director confided in her that they were nearly $100,000 short and there was no way he could afford to keep paying everyone on set. They were also going to be shooting a crowd scene the next day, and he was stressed out about a lack of resources to deal with all the extras.

The actress was concerned, but left along with the rest of the cast and crew.

That night, she made a paid appearance at a nightclub.

The next day, she came back to the set and handed the director her check for the night.

It was larger than the amount he told her that they needed.

She also brought along suitcases packed with enough items from her sizable personal wardrobe to clothe many of the female extras in the crowd scene.

The director was both shocked and pleased by her generosity.

While the film did not turn out to be a box office success, this generous celebrity certainly did her part to make sure that it was completed and released!

Actress: Paris Hilton
Director: Tom Putnam
Film: “The Hottie and the Nottie”


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