Worse Than I Thought

So, that disgraced director who is forced to live overseas even though he should be in jail was at an event two weeks ago.

Someone asked him about his legal troubles and then he started rambling on about how nothing ever happened to this former A+ list mostly movie actor turned worst Hollywood dad of all time.

Apparently the two of them used a very young and underage celebrity offspring of, an at that time A- lister to pick up other underage girls. The offspring would often join them in bed with the other girl or girls.

The director said that he didn’t know how old they were, but considering who was doing the picking up, they were probably in their tweens or teens.

He said that no one cared back then and why was he suffering and no one else is.

Roman Polanski

Ryan ONeal

Melanie Griffith

Tippi Hedren

Actress shocks with memoirs

Not since Anna Kashfi wrote the searing Brando for Breakfast against her former husband over four decades ago has a book offered more sordid secrets than Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal’s A Paper Life.

But for all its dirty secrets, including the allegation that her father, actor Ryan O’Neal, (Love Story) sent her to get drugs for him as a teenager and blamed her for leading a man who sexually molested her when she was 12, Tatum also tells an uplifting story.

She writes of her fight to overcome her addiction to cocaine and heroin, and admitting to her children that the problem was her own and she was ‘working darn hard’ to overcome it. For several years, she had to take blood tests before being allowed to see the children.

Now, a sobered Tatum has stronger bonds with the three children. She says she is determined not to repeat her mother’s mistakes.

Melanie Griffith lured her into an opium-fueled orgy when the Paper Moon actress was just 12, Tatum claims, adding that the two had a sexual encounter that night.

Roman PolanskiRoman Polanski (left), director of Rosemary’s Baby and The Pianist, and at least 20 years older than Tatum, showed her an X-rated Japanese film when she was barely a teen. – Source

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