The directionally challenged rapper gamed the system.

The system didn’t appreciate it because they have their own payola system going on that is only legal because they call it sponsorship/advertising rather than what it is, which is payola.

Labels buy “ads” for songs that suddenly shoot to the top of the charts.

French Montana

French Montana Accused Of Hacking Spotify Accounts For Streams

French Montana’s song “Writing on the Wall” is charting on Spotify this week, but at least one Twitter user believes the rapper and his team are cheating the system.

The single which features Post Malone, Cardi B, and Jamaican pop star Rvssian debuted on September 27, 2019 but only lasted five weeks on the Billboard Top 200.

Last week, “Writing on the Wall” reentered U.S. streaming charts.

This recent spike in streams caught the attention of Twitter user @karlamagne. On Thursday (January 3), he posted Twitter thread explaining why he believes French and his team are hacking personal Spotify accounts to boost their streaming numbers.

The screenshots provided by @karlamagne are circumstantial and do not offer concrete proof of any pay-for-play actions taken by French or his team.

For one, the song is only rising in popularity on one major streaming platform: Spotify. While “Writing on the Wall” rose 27 spots to be within the top 50 on Spotify, the single simultaneously dropped a whopping 105 spots on Apple Music, settling in at No. 1192.

The second bit of alleged irony involves personal Spotify accounts being hacked the same week the song re-entered the charts. The original thread posted by @karlamagne includes screenshots of more than a dozen Twitter users claiming their Spotify accounts were hacked between December 18 and December 23.

The tweets state the users’ passwords had been changed and they had been effectively locked out of their accounts. Many of the users affected by the alleged cyber-attack claim the hackers used their accounts to stream a bizarre mix of foreign pop songs and French Montana’s three-month-old single. “Writing on the Wall” reentered Spotify’s U.S. Top 50 streaming charts on December 22.- Source

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