The coke use of this former Disney actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress is out of control.

The celebrity CEO needs to stay far far away from her right now because she is on a yachting/porn/drug scene that is set to explode.

Bella Thorne

Elon Musk

Bella Thorne Blasts Public Scrutiny Britney Spears Faced: “No One Gives Disney Kids Enough F***ing Credit”

“It made me so sad just all the wrongs that society did to her,” Thorne says of her fellow Disney alum featured in Hulu’s ‘Framing Britney Spears.’

Careerwise, she says there are other dark spots to Disney fame. “No one gives Disney kids enough fucking credit. Like, come on, Dove Cameron is one of the hardest workers I know, and she’s an amazing actress. And people still wanna say, ‘She’s Disney.’ It’s like an immediate ‘X’ mark that you have to work out of,” adds the actress-singer, who recently shot the high school romance drama Time Is Up in Rome with Italian pop star Benjamin Mascolo and is releasing new songs, beginning with “Shake It,” which dropped Feb. 19. Thorne also directed the song’s video, out Feb. 26.

Disney alums aren’t the only public figures that Thorne feels are being over-scrutinized in what she dubs a “cancel/hate culture.”

“I’m sure Elon Musk is always thinking about this. You know, ‘Why don’t they just appreciate that I’m a genius?'” she says. “Why you guys all still hating on Elon Musk?” – Source

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