This actress has performed on stage, in films, and on television, but is best known for one role in an ongoing project. We’ve talked about her weight before. She started out at a normal body size, but has continually lost weight over the years. She just gets thinner and thinner, one gram at a time. Lots of media outlets are now chiming in about how her extreme weight loss is due to her emotional distress, calling her “painfully thin” and “bony” and “brave”. Oh, please! She isn’t brave. She’s an actress! She is sticking to that fake storyline of having lost the love of her life. The relationship was manufactured in a publicist’s office. And the cause of her weight loss isn’t emotional distress. The cause of her weight loss is a product manufactured in South America. But she is loving all that talk about how thin she is! She is not trying to hide her extreme thinness. She is showing it off. It’s a nice change from the criticism she endured her first year in the public eye about how chubby she looked compared to the other, thinner actresses. She is absolutely eating up the attention people are paying to her body now… even if that’s practically the only thing she is eating! However, she certainly doesn’t want you to know what she is really doing to look that thin. Look for some casual photo ops in the near future of her eating try to convince you that she is “maintaining a healthy lifestyle” and that her weight decline is “simply due to stress over her recent loss.” Another lie? That she is still grieving and isn’t ready to date anyone. In fact, she is dating someone, and has been for awhile. You just haven’t seen them together in public yet… but you will after the New Year! That’s when her fake six-month grieving process will end.

Actress: Lea Michelle
Role: Rachel
Project: “Glee”


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