You can’t say you didn’t know that your foreign born singing boyfriend is an awful human being when you are shoving articles to amenable publications for them to print to distract from the horrible things the boyfriend has done and said.

Taylor Swift

Matty Healy

Taylor Swift Has Been Branded Another “Complicit White Woman” After Matty Healy Admitted To M a sturbating To Hardcore Pornography That Degrades And Humiliates Black Women Just Three Months Ago

Earlier this month, it was reported that Taylor Swift is dating the 1975 lead singer Matty Healy after splitting from her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Taylor was previously linked to Matty in 2014, and the pair have remained close friends ever since. An insider told the Sun, “She and Matty are madly in love. It’s super-early days, but it feels right. They first dated, very briefly, almost 10 years ago, but timings just didn’t work out.”

The source went on to add that both Taylor and Matty are “massively proud” of their relationship and that she “wants to ‘own’ this romance and not hide it away.”

But the news has caused unrest in Taylor’s fandom, with many being left disappointed by her decision to date Matty despite his long history of problematic behavior.

The British star was filmed seemingly doing a Nazi salute during a concert in January of this year and has been accused of being anti-Muslim and antisemitic in the past.

Matty has also been branded misogynistic over the years, and in 2016 he sparked backlash when he said that it would be “emasculating” to date Taylor.

His appearance on The Adam Friedland Show also courted controversy just three months ago, and the episode was pulled from both Spotify and Apple Music because of its highly offensive content. This included racist comments about the musician Ice Spice.

Matty, 34, and the podcast’s hosts, Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen, laughed gleefully as they joked about the rapper being “one of the Inuit Spice Girls,” a “chubby Chinese lady,” and “a fucking Eskimo” while mocking a variety of accents. – Source

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