The battles raging between the alliterate one and her husband over the direction of some podcast episodes and his book, are epic.

There are other people involved which is giving brand new insights into the relationship or the destruction of it.

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry

Prince Harry ‘has a penchant for wanting his cake and eating it too,’ royal expert claims

Prince Harry seems to have a tendency of “wanting his cake and eating it too” ever since he and Meghan Markle stepped back from their senior royal roles in 2020, according to one royal expert.

As the royal family drama continues to make headlines, Harry, formerly known as His Royal Highness Prince Harry, is waging a battle against the British government over security he lost when he stepped down from his role. The security requested by Prince Harry is only given to working royal family members.

Experts say this legal move by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shows the two are being hypocritical. They want to be financially independent of the crown but still want the perks that come with an HRH title.

“Prince Harry has a penchant for ‘wanting his cake and eating it too,'” royal expert Hilary Forwich explained to Fox News Digital. “He would like royal protection, access and attendance at royal family events so that he can tattletale. Yet, at the same time, wants ‘his privacy’ all whilst hiring three PR firms?

“He wanted to wear his military uniform at his beloved [grandmother’s] funeral but doesn’t want to work as a royal?”

Prince Harry was granted permission to wear his Blues and Royals uniform as the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II held a vigil on the Saturday before Her Majesty’s funeral.

Years before, the prince was also given permission to grow a beard ahead of his wedding to Markle in 2018.

“He wanted the rules broken to wear a beard back at his wedding, despite Army policy regarding beards restricting them only to be grown with the commanding officer’s authority,” Fordwich further explained. “Exceptions usually are only granted on medical or religious grounds or where tradition permits. So he secured a personal dispensation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, yet it’s never enough.” – Source

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