The Baby

The baby is not a baby any longer.

The baby is a tween.

This baby was given up for adoption by this former A+ list rapper.

She was in a bad place in her life and knew it was no place for a baby.

The father of the baby is unknown, but is believed to be either one of her partners in crime or a cousin who she was hooking up with regularly. I personally don’t think it is the cousin, because someone would have helped the child.

The baby was given up for adoption and for the first seven or eight years, everything was great.

Then, the adoptive parents were killed in a car crash and the sister of one of the parents took the child in.

That sister contracted COVID, and although, they lived, they could no longer take care of the child.

There were no more relatives for the child.

Desperate, the agency that handled the adoption was contacted.

Could they please get in touch with the birth mom and see if they were in any position to something, or else the baby would have to be placed in foster care.

Apparently the agency did reach out to the birth mom/rapper, but the contact information they had was from well over a decade ago, so the person they made contact with was a very close relative of the rapper, who said they would contact the rapper.

No one knows if they did reach out to the rapper.

All we know is the agency was told is that the rapper had no interest in the child because it didn’t fit with what they were doing now.

With no other alternatives, the child was placed into foster care and has been staying with a family for the past 15 months.

Cardi B

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