There were four apartments.

All of the victims turned procurers had a key to each.

They would rent out the key to the pilots who stayed in the same building on layovers.

They would rent it out to anyone who could afford it.

The rule was if anyone entered the apartment with a key, the underage girls inside knew they had to obey.

One of the people who seems to stay immune from all this, is the sibling.

He had keys to each apartment and made use of them too.

One of the few outsiders to have a key was this couple.

They talk a lot of talk, but every person involved knows that whenever they came into the city, they would bring booze and drugs and pick a key out of a hat.

They would then go enter the apartment for that key and stay for hours and hours.

This is the couple that had agreed to allow the billionaire to impregnate their offspring, who was also underage.

Mark Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein’s brother)

Ex gf: Eva Andersson-Dubin (former Miss Sweden)

Her husband: Glenn Dubin

Daughter: Celina Dubin

Does it run in the family? All about Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark

Not a lot is known about Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark Epstein. He is the only named beneficiary in Epstein’s estate, estimated to be worth over $500 million. Unlike his brother, he was never in the limelight nor was he knowingly involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s schemes.

Still, Mark Epstein is concerned about his life after his brother’s apparent suicide. To this day, he doesn’t believe Jeffrey Epstein killed himself and he’s scared that the same people who were supposedly responsible for Jeffrey Epstein’s death will come for him.

It’s not certain how much Mark Epstein had to do with his brother Jeffrey Epstein’s business transaction or his life in general. Here’s what we know so far.

Mark Epstein cites inconsistencies in the autopsy reports, missing footage of his brother’s call at the time of his death, and findings in his brother’s autopsy more in line with homicide wounds.

Mark Epstein also reports that his brother appeared to be in good spirits before he died. Jeffrey Epstein was about to have a bond hearing, so had a chance of getting out. However, Jeffrey Epstein was denied bond shortly before his death.

Mark Epstein fears that the same people who came after his brother, Jeffrey Epstein, are also coming for him. In an interview with Dr. Michael Baden, the pathologist Mark Epstein hired to conduct a second autopsy on his brother, Baden said that Mark Epstein worried that if Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a homicide, he would be in danger, too.

Since Mark Epstein was the sole beneficiary of his brother Jeffrey’s estate, he may have security footage that could incriminate Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. Granted, federal authorities raided Epstein’s property after his death looking for incriminating files, videos, etc.

The reason Mark Epstein fears for his safety is that he “knew too much” according to the interview with Dr. Baden. Naturally, siblings confide in each other, but we don’t know the extent of what Jeffrey Epstein told his brother, Mark. While Mark Epstein maintains his brother’s innocence, he’s still concerned about what Jeffrey’s clients think he knows. – Source

Epstein prosecutors ask hedge-fund billionaire Glenn Dubin to hand over any docs showing communication between his three kids and the pedophile financier – who wanted to marry his 19-year-old daughter

Jeffrey Epstein prosecutors want Glenn Dubin to hand over any documents that show communication between Epstein and his three children

Officials in the US Virgin Islands – where Epstein owned a private island – filed a subpoena in September seeking the documents

Dubin, 63, and his wife Eva Andersson-Dubin have long been connected to Epstein, with Eva dating Epstein in the 1980s for 11 years

They remained staunch friends of the convicted pedophile throughout the years

Epstein told associates in 2014 if he was ever to get married, it would have been to the couple’s daughter Celina, who was 19 years old at the time

She allegedly called him ‘Uncle Jeff’, according to Business Insider

Epstein said he wanted Celina to inherit some of his estimated $500 million fortune and marriage would help avoid inheritance taxes

The subpoena also asks for all documents regarding a Swedish female traveling with Epstein and any papers regarding the departure of Rinaldo Rizzo

Rizzo worked as a butler for the Dubins and in a 2016 deposition, he tearfully described seeing a 15-year-old girl in his boss’s kitchen in 2005

He claims the girl told him that they had demanded sex from her and taken away her passport and threatened her when she refused – Source

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