The alliterate former A list rock star is playing a very dangerous game.

He is now spinning his horrific statements about what he wanted to do to a three named actress as theatre.

The actress is not quiet and this is just inviting her to speak more about their relationship.

That didn’t really work out well for his actor best friend.

Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood

Johnny Depp

MARILYN MANSON Abruptly Ends Interview When Asked About Evan Rachel Wood’s Abuse Allegations

In April, video footage surfaced of Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood testifying in front of California state senators last year to create the Phoenix Act has resurfaced. Wood detailing a very abusive relationship she had when she was eighteen years old, and while she did not name her abuser, the timeline of events matched the time she dated Marilyn Manson. Manson was asked in a recent interview about the allegations that have come up, and promptly ended the interview.

Wood’s testimony detailed being mentally and physically tortured by an older man when she was 18-years-old. It was pubic knowledge that Wood began dating Marilyn Manson in 2006 when she was 18 and he was 36. You can see the details of her accusations here. Manson alluded to similar incidents to the ones she described in a 2009 interview with Spin.

Metal Hammer magazine was interviewing Manson for a new feature and decided to ask him about the allegations. They noted he promptly hung up:

We asked, but we didn’t get an answer. Marilyn Manson hung up on us as soon as we mentioned her name, and his people refused to have him answer any further questions – though they did provide us with a statement addressing 10 key questions we wanted Manson to answer, which we will be publishing later this week. – Source

MARILYN MANSON’s Rep Denies He Ever Abused Actress Evan Rachel Wood in New Statement

“Personal testimony is just that, and we think it’s inappropriate to comment on that.

“You then go on to talk about Manson being accused of ‘terrible things’ by unnamed ‘critics’ but offer no guidance on who these critics are and what these things are, so it’s not possible to comment.

“You then mention Mickey Rourke. It is my understanding that Evan Rachel Wood dated multiple people around the time she was dating Manson. Basic internet research will give you a host of other names that have not come up in any of our discussions.

“Your next couple of points deal with comments Manson made in Spin magazine in 2009. Your confusion around the timeline of this is extremely worrying. [Editor’s note: there is no confusion around this timeline.] The comments in Spin where Manson had a fantasy of using a sledgehammer on Evan and he cut himself 158 times was obviously a theatrical rock star interview promoting a new record, and not a factual account. The fact that Evan and Manson got engaged six months after this interview would indicate that no one took this story literally.

“You go on to talk about Manson commenting on sexual harassment, Me Too and specifically the experiences of his ex partner Rose McGowan. These are all issues that Manson has publicly addressed and are available online. Please see Channel 4 interview from 15th December 2017.

“Manson has never shied away from public comment – equally he does not have to make the same comment twice.

“There will be no further comment on specific songs. Your journalist had the opportunity to ask Manson about his music – one of only two interviews granted in the UK – and he chose not to. Trying to weave one section of one song from an artist with a 30 plus year career to fit a narrative is both disingenuous and troublesome.

“You mention Manson’s ex fiancée Rose McGowan in your questions. Rose is one of the bravest and most outspoken figureheads of the Me Too movement. Manson remains friends with McGowan and she talks very fondly of their three a half years together. There are multiple sources worldwide. I link to a Washington Post article on McGowan’s memoir Brave.

“You fail to mention Manson’s ex-wife Dita Von Teese, who remains good friends with Manson. Quoting from a Female First article published in 2018, ‘Dita admits she has been ‘lucky’ to avoid any abusive episodes in the entertainment industry in her career.’

“There are also numerous articles over multiple years where Evan Rachel Wood speaks very positively about her relationship with Manson. In’s The Edit: ‘I wouldn’t trade any of [our relationship],’ Wood told the mag. ‘I appreciate everything he taught me. I just don’t think we were right for each other.’

“Finally you talk about death threats. Manson knows all about those – he has had many. He has spent his career being blamed for everything from Columbine to teenage suicide. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people believe what they read on the Internet, and feel free to say what they want with no actual evidence. The effects can be catastrophic and promoting non fact based information is wholly irresponsible. All we can try and do, as the media and individuals, is to use facts and truth and not hide behind gossip and conjecture to further our own agendas.”

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson once went on 24-hour bender, court hears

Johnny Depp once went on a 24-hour booze and drug binge with rocker Marilyn Manson — after they dropped off his daughter at school, his London libel case was told Wednesday.

“He went to drop Lily-Rose off this morning and hasn’t been back since,” Depp’s then-wife, Amber Heard, texted the actor’s sister as she was “frantic with worry,” the High Court heard, according to the Daily Mail.

Heard, 34, had sought help from the star’s sister, Christi Dembrowski, in February 2014 after making sure Lily-Rose — who was then 15 — had made it safely to school, the court heard.

“JD is on a bender with Manson,” Heard wrote in messages read out in court, the paper said. “I think he’s at Marilyn’s now continuing the rage and coke booze binge.”

“He’s gonna hurt himself and take us as a couple down with him,” she reportedly wrote. “He just aims all his anger at me when he’s on it. Don’t know what to do.”

Depp admitted taking drugs with Manson — who is Lily-Rose’s godfather — “twice or three times maybe,” according to the report.

But he insisted his times “doing a line of cocaine with Manson” were all before he settled with Heard, and before the alleged 2014 post-school-run bender.

“Manson and I did in fact take my daughter to school,” he told the court, saying that Heard was only “speculating that I’m on a binge with Manson for more than 24 hours,” the Mail said.- Source

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