This movie studio is not going to “fire” the lead actor of the upcoming superhero movie.

The actor won’t be asked back, but it will be something similar to what happened to the A- list actress at the same studio.

She wasn’t fired, just had her role reduced 95%.

Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller
The Flash

Amber Heard

Warner Bros. Is “Willing to Ignore” DC Star Kidnapping Daughter, Parents Are Furious

Sara Jumping Eagle is furious at how Warner Bros. cares more about profit than doing the right thing when it comes to Ezra Miller.

A few months ago, Tokata Iron Eyes saw her mother for the last time before leaving with Ezra Miller. Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle love their daughter but are worried for their daughter’s safety after barely hearing a single word from Tokata for the past few months.

When they learned their daughter was with Miller, they became concerned for their daughter due to Miller’s history. They claimed The Flash (2023) actor provided their daughter with alcohol, LSD, and Marijuana and also abused and had sex with her.

At the moment, Tokata is 18 years old but has known Miller for the last six years. The parent claims that Miller not only groomed her and brainwashed her but has convinced her that she is only safe in their custody.

Other reports repeat the same allegations as Miller has a history of having tense or strange relationships with Native American children, and families have reported the discomfort and threats the actor has made to them.

Sara Jumping Eagle has had enough of Warner Bros. for staying silent through this fiasco. The authorities haven’t found Tokata and Miller just yet as the two went into hiding after Jumping Eagle and her husband filed a restraining order against the actor.

While Warner Bros. has made it clear that they have no intentions of hiring Ezra Miller again, the family is furious that the actor will still star in The Flash. Warner Bros. has admitted that recasting Miller would not only be very expensive but would require almost the entire movie to be reshot due to the actor portraying several versions of the character due to the Multiverse. – Source

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