This B list actor quit his long running network show not that long ago.

I call him B list because of the show but as soon as he left he probably became C list.

Although he was allowed to say he quit that is not the whole truth.

His contract was not going to be renewed because of some serious issues that have happened over the course of the last two seasons on the show.

Some people say he is showing early signs of dementia while others just say he is a dirty old man who does way too many drugs and booze and has let lots of years of success go to this head.

There is not a female crew member who has not been pawed at and groped by the guy which the producers have turned a blind eye to for years with only the occasional warning handed out or a one episode suspension without pay. There was an incident last year though where our actor was drinking all day during an 18 hour day on set and at the end of it cornered a female crew member outside his trailer and wouldn’t let her leave and forced her to do some things which should have landed the guy in jail.

There was no rape but there was definitely assault and forced her hand to certain places and groped her and slapped her when she wouldn’t do what he wanted.

He threatened to have her fired.

She agreed to a settlement and the actor was warned he was getting one more chance.

That chance lasted all of about three weeks when our actor did about the same thing again but this time with the wife of one of the actors on the set and then our actor got punched for what he did by the husband.

It was all too much and the stories were getting too hard to contain so the actor was forced off the show.

Actor: Richard Belzer
Show: “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
Actor with wife: Danny Pino


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