KINDNESS: This kindness is unique because it has been happening for almost a decade. The A++ list celebrity/former athlete has been active in the life of the family ever since it all began.

What happened was a little girl was on vacation with her family.

The little girl got run over by a car and the driver was never caught.

The government where this happened just said these things happen.

The girl was left a quadriplegic.

After months in a foreign country the family came home and had to figure out how to pay to adapt their home to their daughter and all of the medical expenses that insurance didn’t cover.

The amount of money was massive and a fund was established to help the family.

One of the girl’s relatives sent a letter to our A+ lister asking if he could donate a shirt to be auctioned.

Three days later our A+ lister was at the front door of the home with piles of gifts for the girl.

Our A+ lister also wanted to see the plans for the house and asked how much it was going to cost.

He wrote a check right there for a mid six figure amount.

He also paid for the family to go on vacation to Disney in a special disabled kids tour.

The A+ lister is still in touch with the family every few months and because of his generosity there was enough money in the fund that it exists today to help families in similar situations.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky


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