There were lots of celebrities at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Let’s skip the models, though, and talk about two of the guests!

One was there to check out the scene and to be seen on the red carpet.

One was there to cheer on a model to whom she is related.

Checker was not impressed with Cheerer’s fashion sense, and let loose with some friends after the show.

[Checker] just went on an rant about it. “Holy shit! Did you see [Cheerer]?

What the hell? Who the fuck is dressing her?

I don’t mean to be judgmental but who the fuck that age shows sideboob… EWWW!

That’s like my grandma showing sideboob!

I don’t need to see that!!!” [Checker] kind of shuddered after saying that.

It was more funny than it was mean.

Not Mariah Carey.

Checker: Ireland Baldwin
Cheerer: Caitlyn Jenner


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