These two music types are always cordial when they see each other, but Smack Talker rarely has anything nice to say about Singer in private.

There were tons of big celebs in attendance at this Grammy party.

Smacker was watching and listening to Singer during the night, and something… shifted.

Smacker said to a friend:

“You know, I always thought Singer was just some dumb bitch who got lucky and would flame out real quick, but last night… she actually came across as super confident and mature.

Girl’s got chops too! I would never tell her this to her face, but I think she might actually have 5 or 10 years of super stardom ahead of her.

Maybe I should work with her.”

So, there you go, Singer! A compliment from the person you would least expect to say anything nice about you.

That’s Hollywood. Smack one day, sucking up the next.

Smack Talker: Katy Perry
Singer: Miley Cyrus


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