In the past, I have written about this married show runner and his affair with the celebrity offspring/actress on his biggest network show.

That was small ball compared to what his sibling knows.

This is going to be messy.

Kenya Barris

Offspring/actress: Tracee Ellis Ross (mother Diana Ross)

Show: Black-ish

Sister: Colette Barris


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Black-ish creator Kenya Barris files a restraining order against his sister Colette amid fears ‘she’s going to harm’ his six children

The Girls Trip writer filed the temporary order to protect his family
He claims Colette may retaliate against his kids after multiple failed attempts to piggyback on his success
She wrote the book Claretta Street in 2016 and has boasted about creating a series and television opportunities
The Coming 2 America writer documented years of alleged incidents in which Colette ‘piggybacked on his name’ – Source

Social Media Blasts Kenya Barris for Yet Another Project Featuring a Bi-Racial Couple

Folks on social media already have been vocal about expressing their reservations about writer and director Kenya Barris. In recent years, the “Black-ish” creator has been widely accused of overly representing the Black spectrum’s fair tone side and forcing a “swirl agenda” onto viewers. More scrutiny came with the release of his Netflix series “Black AF,” with most of the cast members being of a lighter skin tone and biracial. The same has proved true for his spin-off shows such as “Mixed-Ish” and “Grown-Ish.”

The 46-year-old was recently tapped for the remake of “Cheaper by the Dozen,” a 2003 family film (which was a spinoff of a 1950s version) — a move that has made for more backlash.

The comedy, which centers around a couple trying to juggle marriage, careers and 12 children, will star actress Gabrielle Union as the mother and actor Zach Braff as the father.

Following the announcement, critics took to social media, where they aired out their complaints about Barris’ decisions to write stories centered around biracial families over all-Black families.

“We have GOT to release the shackles that is Kenya Barris writing mixed family stories 150 different ways,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Imagine how tired we are.” – Source

Kenya Barris slammed for being ‘obsessed’ with biracial couples after ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ cast announcement

Disney announced an official reboot of ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ that will center around a multiracial family, starring Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union in the leads. The movie’s script is co-written by ‘Black-ish’ TV show creator Kenya Barris, who is slammed by the online community for often writing stories centered around multiracial families instead of all Black families.

Barris is known for creating some acclaimed TV shows and movies, but Disney’s recent announcement did not go too well for him. After the news surfaced that Disney+ is officially moving ahead with ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ with Barris, several Twitter users slammed the writer for writing stories that are not focused on all Black families.

One user wrote, “We must stop Kenya Barris!” Another wrote, “Someone tell Kenya Barris that interracial relationships aren’t an act of liberation.” Another user wrote, “I’ve never seen a man more obsessed with swirling than Kenya Barris. Like he made it his whole ass career and we just like…let him.” Another user wrote, “Black Twitter: We need avenues to tell Black stories authentically../Kenya Barris: [Tells his truth]/ Black Twitter: No, not like that.” Another user tweeted, “Abolish the Kenya Barris industrial complex.” – Source

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