During the first season of this almost network show, this A- list actor hooked up with his male co-star who is no longer on the show.

During one of those hookups, they recorded some of it.

It was recorded on the phone of the now departed actor.

That recording is now in the possession of the always scheming wannabe manager.


KJ Apa

Ross Butler

Sam Lutfi

Ross Butler Says He Didn’t Conspire With Courtney Love to Kill Her Daughter’s Ex

Today in ludicrously bizarre reports that read like Mad Libs, Riverdale actor Ross Butler says he did not conspire with Courtney Love to murder Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband, Isaiah Silva. Although the existence of this conspiracy seems too absurd to be even 10 percent real, it undeniably is, as recent court documents show.

What … is going on?

On the night of June 3, 2016, Silvia claims that Sam Lutfi, Butler, investigator Yan Yukhtman, and musician Michael Schenk broke into the house he once shared with Frances Bean Cobain. There, Silva says the men beat him up, stole his cell phone, and forced him into a car and drove away; all of this, he maintains, was in an attempt to steal the guitar Kurt Cobain played on 1993’s MTV Unplugged.

What they hadn’t counted on, the suit suggests, was the fact that Silva wasn’t alone: According to the suit, a visiting friend ran out of the house, called 911, and parked his own car in the street, blocking the only exit from the dead-end road. After police arrived, Silva says he was pressured into saying that the incident was simply “a prank” gone wrong.

Butler confirms that he and Lufti were at Silva’s on June 3, 2016, but he claims they were there because they were worried about Cobain and Silva — who Butler says let them into they house — because they were not responding to the texts. Per recent court documents obtained by the Blast, Butler has asked for the lawsuit against him to be dismissed.

“I never entered into a conspiracy or otherwise agreed to commit any crime against Silva,” read the documents. “I never conspired with anyone else to murder or kidnap Silva … or take possession of a guitar that Silva claims Ms. Cobain gave to him as a gift.” – Source

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