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September 15, 2020
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That freaky pool accident

That freaky pool accident involving a celebrity wasn't the "accident" that is being discussed right now.

Source: Crazy Days and Nights

That freaky pool accident involving a celebrity wasn’t the “accident” that is being discussed right now.

Shanna Hogan

Author Shanna Hogan, 38, dies after drowning in pool in front of son

Best-selling true crime author Shanna Hogan has died as the result of a brain injury following a pool accident at her home in Phoenix, Ariz. She was 38.

Hogan was swimming with her 15-month-old son, Zander, on Aug. 27 when she lost her footing, fell and hit her head, according to her obituary.

Hogan’s husband of nearly 20 years, Matt LaRussa, arrived shortly after her fall to find his son safely outside the pool in his life vest, but his wife unconscious and submerged in the water, their friend Kathleen “Katie” Mayer told People magazine. LaRussa performed CPR until paramedics arrived and rushed Hogan to an area hospital, where she remained in critical condition for several days.

“Her brain suffered too much damage and we lost this wonderful woman,” Mayer wrote on the GoFundMe page she launched in support of the family. “This fund raiser will raise money to pay for the family’s extensive medical bills, memorial costs and to support Zander as he grows up without a mother.” – Source

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