This is one of the better most juicy items in a few weeks.

Let me make this as simple as possible. You have a guy who is an actor and a writer but is probably C list in what he has accomplished.

He has almost A list name recognition thanks to his A+ list actress girlfriend who has C list talent.

The actress knows the actor cheated but she doesn’t know who he cheated with. I do.

It took a long time to put the pieces together but it all works out.

It turns out the best friend of the actress who is a B+ list celebrity with a daily gig was doing her daily dose of vodka and coke and was doing it with the best friend’s boyfriend. The next thing you know the two were going at it in that dirty kind of way our A+ list actress would never allow.

When the celebrity realized what they had done she freaked out and thought she was going to lose her best friend and her access and feeling like a big shot.

The boyfriend though promised to keep everything quiet.

He was busted by his girlfriend because of the teeth marks all over his body.

Our A+ lister told this to her best friend and a couple of other people at a dinner.

One of the people at that dinner knows it is the trademark of the B list celebrity so put it together and passed it on to me who is passing it on to you.

C list guy: Justin Theroux
A+ list girlfriend: Jennifer Aniston
B+ list celebrity best friend: Chelsea Handler


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