27 05, 2021

Snake oil salesman

This national news anchor who should have lost his job should be really worried about the snake oil salesman who once was attached at the hip to a Housewife is now circling the significant other of the anchor and her friends.

21 05, 2018

Sex tapes are so 2007.

Sex tapes are so 2007. As it turns out this reality offspring’s mother is working overtime to pimp out her daughter on the yacht circuit. She has allegedly reached out to two other reality TV moms to get her on the right boats. And at least one of those moms is going to get a cut of the earnings if she makes the team. And that’s before the kid’s own mom takes her cut. The poor girl thinks she will get a modeling career out of this situation.

1 09, 2017

She is spinning yarns about her life

After being rejected for a return as a Housewife this former west coast Housewife is desperate to regain her fame so is spinning yarns about her life which she knows will get her some ink in the tabloids but are not even close to being true.

16 04, 2017

She is going to spend some time with this soon to be divorced foreign billionaire

This is coming from her side (the model) rather than the guy, but all the other yachting journeys she has been on have checked out. Apparently this B list model who is a celebrity offspring and an offspring of a yachter is going to spend some time with this soon to be divorced foreign billionaire who is a long time family friend of the father of the model.

26 12, 2016

Everybody walked away from the conversation either angry or crying.

This is about a young male singer and the discussion he had with a girl he thought he might marry… and the girl’s mother. The Singer and The Daughter – who is also a celebrity – had been dating for a while, and the three of them began discussing where the relationship was going. They had a conversation about the couple’s future and children. They discussed how many children they would have, their names, etc. Then the topic changed to what religion their children would follow.

25 02, 2014

30 minutes of doing lines

This way underage daughter who is a celebrity in her own right of a west coast Real Housewife was spotted doing lines of coke like a champion the other night. 30 minutes of doing lines had her running around with a huge tear in that designer dress she was wearing.

15 11, 2013

They’ll be back to the D-list goat rodeo within the year

This B-list reality star (meaning in the genre of reality they're B-list) recently got an A-list PR team, agent and gig, because they were slated by their network to be the next crossover star. Lots of projects are lined up, but because they're such a loose cannon, a lot of them are in jeopardy now. They have made a couple A-list enemies as of late, and it's caused their team to freak out and try to do as much damage control as possible.