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October 7, 2019

He is being sued by investors who say he ripped them off

This former A-/B+ list NBA player who was a pretty big name off the court with his relationships and his work in front of the camera blew through his entire NBA fortune and is now being sued by investors who say he ripped them off and kept their money to try and restore his fortune.
May 10, 2014

Our actor agreed and our actress has had quite the acting career since

This actress is probably B-. She should maybe be slightly lower based on her body of work, but she has great name recognition which keeps her in that B range. Our actress did not start off in show business as an actress, although her fame certainly preceded her before she began acting. She was A list and then started moving slowly down the ladder as she tried desperately to get a part. She needed a big break. She knew she could make it as an actress, but, because of her past, no one would give her a shot.