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March 20, 2020

Probably not the best time for you to share your opinions

Being wasted on wine and also baked from pot is probably not the best time for you to share your opinions on social issues to the millions of people watching your social media feed. This is what the former A list tweener/naked celebrity turned B+ list adult actress has learned.
February 25, 2020

Wearing the actor’s shirt after…

The final straw in that whole relationship between the former A list tweener actress who once got naked for the world and her now ex was when his female co-star posted a photo wearing the actor's shirt after a se-x session.
February 1, 2020

She has never been known as a huge party person, but

She has never been known as a huge party person, but this former A list tweener turned B+ list adult actress who once got naked for the world to see, has been boozing and partying to fall down levels over the past couple of weeks, almost every night.
April 17, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This one named former A/A- list singer is back on tour with her former duet/hit partner and part of the deal is she has to sleep with him every night or get kicked off the tour. / This tea company wanted this former A+ list teen actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress to show some cleavage for their product shoot.
March 13, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This UFC star has a girlfriend who is twice his age. Apparently they are on the outs. / This former A list Disney actress turned B+ list out of Disney actress is beloved in the Disney universe. This week she was doing lines of coke off another woman's bare stomach at an after party.
January 25, 2019

She’s probably been paid off not to talk.

Remember when those grainy nude pictures of that B-list actress and former tweener baring everything (and I do mean everything) were somehow leaked and her career almost was derailed? It was never specified who those pics were for when they were first "leaked". Well, first of all she was very underage and the pics were taken two years before she the role in that Disney TV movie which made her a star and launched a million dollar franchise.
January 12, 2019

Look for her to get a big role in a big movie because of it.

The unwillingness of this A list everything in her mind to do any promotion for a new movie other than the very top level stuff has left a bad taste in the mouths of the studio and made them really happy they hired this former A list tween actress who is literally doing everything possible to promote the movie even though she just has a supporting role. Look for her to get a big role in a big movie because of it.
December 29, 2018

Apparently all is forgiven

About a decade ago, this actress was A+ list in her corner of the entertainment world. At that point, she rebuffed this disgraced producer and he got his revenge by releasing a series of pictures that would rock the world. Apparently all is forgiven or she got a nice big check because she did a huge favor for the producer and his family.
October 18, 2018

2 blinds in a row

Back in the day they would hook up from time to time, but now this former A+ list tweener actress turned B list adult actress has come to the conclusion her sister sleeps with the actor boyfriend of the actress more than the actress does. / Apparently even though this initialed A- list rapper/reality star is cheating on his wife for the millionth time, he knows she won't leave him because she signed a post nup for a flat amount of money which won't let her keep living the way she does now.
March 3, 2018

The actor and the director were like kids in a candy store.

A few years back there was a movie made starring a group of women who were all probably equal status in the movie. There was also an A- list mostly movie actor involved. He got involved simply because he knew the director and knew the movie would be filled with teen actresses.
February 25, 2018

She got new teeth but is having trouble getting her face to look like her age.

This former Disney actress not named Bella Thorne or Zendaya is clean and sober now after a year of trying to kick meth. The problem for the B+ list mostly movie actress is the damage it did to her face and teeth. She got new teeth but is having trouble getting her face to look like her age.
September 4, 2017

His career is hot! Hers is… not.

This actor and actress were a couple (or “couple”) when they were both up and coming in the industry. We believe they were of high school or college age when they did that TV project together that landed them on every magazine cover. Fast forward a few years, and they are both still single. However, their careers could not be more different.