27 05, 2020


The world's biggest tabloid is not doing themselves any favors in regards to trustworthiness when they can't even decide as a collective whether the alliterate former actress and her family bought or are renting and who from and what area of town.

13 10, 2019

This was before Grindr or Tinder or any of the hookup apps.

It was maybe a decade ago or so when this A list actor/producer all of you know was really hitting his stride fame wise that he used to talk out loud at parties that he wished that he could live overseas so he could just go straight to a place and have se-x with someone after seeing them in a room. He wanted options. This was before Grindr or Tinder or any of the hookup apps. This was something he said multiple times.

11 12, 2018

Another big Walmart layaway payoff.

Another big Walmart layaway payoff. This time on the opposite side of the country from LA. It was done by this A+ list producer/writer/actor who churns out comedy movies and television shows and is known for doing nice things for others.

19 10, 2016

It got to be pretty disturbing

While promoting his latest movie, this closeted actor/director/producer had three male escorts sent to his room and kept throwing more money at them to see what they would be willing to do for money. Apparently it got to be pretty disturbing.