11 03, 2020

The girl was way underage.

This A list musician in a permanent A list band has always been known for his abhorrent treatment of women. Proudly last week he told a story about how he made a groupie who was in her teens lick up the coke he had spilled on the floor of a bar. He then told her she had to orally service every guy at the table. The girl was way underage.

23 07, 2019

Misogynists, Inc.

Proudly calling themselves MSG Inc., which stands for Misogynists, Inc. this alliterate former A list singer who is probably B+ now and a documented abuser of women decided to have women degrade themselves this week at a party for a chance to sleep with him. Our former A lister and his friends who also have been accused of degrading women in the past made the women go through a series of humiliating games for the chance to have se-x with the rocker and his celebrity friends.

9 08, 2018

She humiliated herself to the extreme

The significant other of this permanent A list musician/former reality star/permanent drunk has basically humiliated herself to the extreme and done things for her significant other that she hopes will never be made public simply hoping he will finally marry her. It is unlikely though and all this time will have been wasted. He would probably then spread the word what he had her do which will even be worse.

23 02, 2018

One of his girlfriend’s exes claimed she tried to kill him twice and tried to make each time look like an accident.

If I were this permanent A- list rocker from a permanent A list band, I would probably get someone to taste test my food before I ate it. One of his girlfriend's exes claimed she tried to kill him twice and tried to make each time look like an accident. Everything was great until he named her as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy. She tried twice within a week and he was out the door and never looked back. Why didn't he leave after the first time? He believed her story.

17 12, 2013

Former video vixen being blackmailed

This former video vixen turned mainstream celebrity/actress/reality star is being blackmailed because of some photos that show her naked with this former A list singer/celebrity and the video vixen's 13 year old (at the time) niece who is also naked.