20 04, 2017

Legendary British pop singer is about to go down for raping a 14 year old in the 70s

A BRITISH pop legend is being probed by cops over claims he raped a 14-year-old girl. The solo superstar’s bodyguard is alleged to have plucked her from the front row of a concert crowd. The woman says the singer then plied her with champagne and attacked her in his hotel suite. She said: "It affected my entire life." The woman says she was a "naive 14-year-old virgin" when he pinned her down on a hotel bed.

9 10, 2013


This A list celebrity/singer who has been A list for almost three straight decades despite not having any hits in almost three decades is keeping himself young with HGH and cheating on his significant other with a 20 something woman that he says keeps him loyal to his significant other. Huh?