26 11, 2021

Ponytail girl hates him.

This A list singer was recently asked if she would be willing to work again with this foreign born A list singer who loves the end of the week. She said that will never ever happen again. She hates him.

19 06, 2020

He he was creepy

This A- list singer/bad actress says she split from an A+ singer she was seeing not because they were doing too much coke and not because his ex was always around but because he was creepy and she always felt he wanted to rape her and not just have se-x with her.

20 04, 2020

Some women about to come forward

The A list singer who shortens those two best days of the week has hired, along with his label a crisis management company because of some women who are about to come forward with disturbing tales.

18 01, 2019

They might not even be exclusive.

They might not even be exclusive. Well, she thinks they are, but he might not. Anyway, the singer who loves Saturdays and Sundays recently hooked up with someone who is not the celebrity offspring/model he has been seeing.