21 06, 2020

2 blinds in a row

This former reality star says that somewhere on a hard drive on a computer in his house which he doesn't have access to any longer are dozens of se-x videos with he and his A- list east coast Housewife who is his ex wife. / Speaking of drugs, this former tweener turned A- list mostly movie actor had $3K stolen from him the other night when he tried to buy some coke from someone he didn't know.

18 10, 2019

He was cheating every day.

It is kind of interesting that this soon to be former reality star who has spent the last several years away from his family is getting sympathy for being cheated on, considering he spent every day for years prior to being away from his family, cheating every day.

27 06, 2019

She is living the single life

Tears for the camera because it is expected from the east coast Housewife. In reality though, she is living the single life and her new guy and has nothing but dislike for her husband.

6 06, 2019

His reality star wife was hoping for a clean break.

As I have been telling you for months, it was only a matter of time before this former reality star was granted his release, probably for years while his case is decided. His reality star wife was hoping for a clean break. Now it is going to be super messy and presumably televised.