11 04, 2021

3 blinds in a row

This A+ list celebrity to anyone under the age of 10 says that this one name singer used to always hit on the celebrity when the celebrity was in her tween/early teen years. / This A+/A list singer/soon to be judge is cheating on her significant other so I am really iffy on the whole wedding thing she is planning. She isn't even sober or close to it, but this A- list singer is signing a long term deal with a rehab facility that will pay her for endorsements and her personal referrals.

20 01, 2021

It might get a Razzie nomination, but not much else.

The one named singer's movie caused some backlash when it was released. Now, no one remembers it, so her PR team generated more controversy just to get people to remember it again for award season. It might get a Razzie nomination, but not much else.

29 12, 2020

This would destroy his career, but the media doesn’t want to do that

Here is the thing. I'm glad the A/A- list singer/crap director spoke out about the A list actor. It needed to be done. Did she mention the underage actress she put the actor in a position to groom? No. Plus, all the articles, including the ones today about the singer only talk about se.x and abuse which is great for calling the actor out, but will only put a dent in his career.

17 01, 2018

Guess that sobriety thing went away.

This foreign born one named singer who tried to make a little holiday music for the first time was spotted doing lines of coke. Guess that sobriety thing went away. She had a lot of years being sober.