13 01, 2021

I think she will come back at least one more time.

Yesterday, I told you about this abusive A- list mostly movie actor being drunk and out of control at a party and challenging people to fights. That was apparently enough for the current actress girlfriend to say adieu and escape a possible emergency room visit. For now. I think she will come back at least one more time.

29 12, 2020

This would destroy his career, but the media doesn’t want to do that

Here is the thing. I'm glad the A/A- list singer/crap director spoke out about the A list actor. It needed to be done. Did she mention the underage actress she put the actor in a position to groom? No. Plus, all the articles, including the ones today about the singer only talk about se.x and abuse which is great for calling the actor out, but will only put a dent in his career.

12 12, 2020

She is now publicly going after him.

If you will recall, I told you six months ago that AKA sticks would publicly go after the A- list former teen actor turned method nightmare for his behavior. She has now done so.

5 05, 2020

She needs to get out.

She was going to call the police but ended up calling one of her friends to come get her. The thing is though, the actress went back to her abusive A- list actor husband the next morning. She needs to get out. Earlier that same day, he had been yelling at her at a grocery store.

1 05, 2020

3 blinds in a row

Apparently, despite multiple beatings, public humiliation and serial cheating, the actress ex of this A-/B+ list actor who has been acting since he was a tween, has decided to go back to him. / This foreign born three named A-/B+ list still underage actress has been hooking up most days with a guy in his 30's. / This very fast A- list rapper has a history of violence towards women. Now, there are several reports of the same behavior towards men he has hooked up with too.

6 04, 2020

She is going to trash the hell out of him

This foreign born B+ list singer who has a thing for sticks is waiting for the right time, but she is going to trash the hell out of this A/A- list mostly movie actor/fighter/probable racist/woman beater for what he did to the singer.

30 08, 2019

4 blinds in a row

This former A- list child/tween/teen actor turned A- list adult actor who is always on the edge of trouble has been carrying a gun for what he calls a social experiment. / This A- list mostly television actress who recently ended a run on a very popular almost network show is working a lot less right now because she is battling coke addiction. / You can always tell when this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee is going to hook up with guys. He gets a hotel instead of going back to his house. With women, he will take them home. / Another couple of people are about to tell their stories about the A- list actor from an acting family who is an Oscar nominee/winner and does not have the last name Affleck.